Brennen Denomme
306 Woodbine Ave
Toronto, ON
(705) 970-6957
[email protected]



Front-end developer strong in creating functional and efficient UIs with React and other JavaScript libraries. Thriving in fast paced environments where constant learning and teamwork is promoted. Looking to join a team of developers to expand my knowledge of development at a professional level.


Front End

  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Redux-Saga
  • ES6
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Enzyme

Back End

  • Ruby On Rails
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • KoaJS


  • Git Version Control
  • Task Management
  • Agile Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • Unit Testing


gShift Labs, Barrie - Intermediate Front-End Developer

Joining a small team of developers to improve a large scale Ruby on Rails dashboard application. Helped integrate ReactJS and ES6 features into the application built with JQuery and CoffeeScript. Recreated multiple XLSX, CSV and PDF exports for large data sets. Refactored complex JavaScript web scrapers to handle new UI updates.

Delta Geomatics, Alberta (Freelance) - Front-End Developer

Working with the company to build multiple easy to use data visualization dashboard systems. These systems allowed clients to easily view and manipulate data previously requiring over 100 page PDF documents. Using tech such as React, Redux, Leaflet, and custom built data libraries.

Privately Employed, Barrie - Web Development Tutor

Teaching a pair of grade 8 students Front End Development skills. Starting with basic HTML5 and CSS3 with a focus on SEO. Also teaching workflow techniques such as version control with Git, CMS deployment and customization with Wordpress and advanced CSS concepts such as pre-processors and animations.


Georgian College, Barrie - Computer Programmer Diploma
SEPTEMBER 2016 - AUGUST 2017 (In Progress)

Free Code Camp, Online - Front-End Developer Certificate

Collingwood Collegiate Institute - Highschool Diploma
SEPTEMBER 2012 - JUNE 2016


GreenHACK Hackathon - Event Organizer and 3rd Place Finisher

Over a 4 month period, came up with, planned, organized and marketed a environmental tech focused hackathon event. Partnered with the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre for help with organization of accommodations, location and travel, as well as sponsorship connections. Acted as a mediator between attendees, sponsors and organizers during planning, organization and on the event weekend.

Georgian College Innov8 Showcase - Most Entrepreneurial Award

Created an MVP for a social platform to allow people to find new local places to hangout based on a place’s amenities. Won the top award for Most Entrepreneurial Idea at the Georgian College Innov8 Showcase


Code For Design - Full-Stack Developer, Project Lead

Tech: ReactJS, Redux, ES6, NodeJS, Express, PostgreSQL, BookshelfJS, KnexJS, Websockets

Came up with an idea for a centralized social platform to allow designers and developers to connect and trade their skills. Developed product requirements, a timeline as well as managed tasks and decided on a technology stack. Collaborated with other developers around the globe to develop the project, while both learning new technology, and teaching others new technology to help move the project forward.

The Spot - Front-End & Mobile Developer, Project Lead

Tech: ReactJS, Redux, ES6, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, React-Native

Took on a leadership role in developing a social platform application. The application was built on a tight 2 week timeline resulting in strict timeline and task management, as well as dedicated project requirements. Built a full MVP product in both a web format with React, Redux, Node, Express and MongoDB, as well as a mobile companion application with React-Native.